We are artists, filmmakers, writers, photographers, scholars, musicians and other cultural workers who are rooted in the present and shaping the future.


Michelle has many guises – that of a creative, ex-publisher, editor, aspiring musician and photographer. She has been a social sciences lecturer and professional development trainer for many years, more recently occupying the business space as a training consultant and coach. She has had a life-long love affair with travel and meeting ‘interesting people.’ It’s as simple as that! Urban Affinity is the culmination of years of frustration where it has been difficult to find those inclusive spaces that truly speaks to the diversity of us - and celebrates the lesser-known giants of the world. Urban Affinity is about bringing individuals and communities together in a space where we can meet and truly share who we are.


Yvonne has lived many lives and in retrospect realises that they have all led to Urban Affinity. These lives included driving a taxi in New York, staying up late as a sound engineer, stage managing in London and most recently being a professional nosy person and trying to make sense of what she encounters AKA an ethnographer.These days she is consumed by curiosity and a desire to not only see more, but show more, engage more, learn more and get better at stuff. She figures Urban Affinity is a place where all of this can happen.